Photography by Maria Savidis

Troy, Turkey

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Sirince, Turkey 1683   Troy, Turkey 1671   Sirince, Turkey 1717
Troy, Turkey 2015-1671   Troy, Turkey 2015-1717
Sirince, Turkey 1709   Sirince, Turkey 1718
Troy, Turkey 2015-1683   Troy, Turkey 2015-1709   Troy, Turkey 2015-1718
Sirince, Turkey 1722   Sirince, Turkey 1726   Sirince, Turkey 1733 Click here to return to the top of the Troy page
Troy, Turkey 2015-1722   Troy, Turkey 2015-1726
Sirince, Turkey 1724   Sirince, Turkey 1730
Troy, Turkey 2015-1724   Troy, Turkey 2015-1730   Troy, Turkey 2015-1733
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Troy, Turkey 2015-1741
Sirince, Turkey 1745
Troy, Turkey 2015-1745   Troy, Turkey 2015-1736  

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